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2-In-1 Course: Piano Harmony + Build Finger Speed & Strength

Posted By: ELK1nG
2-In-1 Course: Piano Harmony + Build Finger Speed & Strength

2-In-1 Course: Piano Harmony + Build Finger Speed & Strength
Last updated 8/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.71 GB | Duration: 2h 58m

2-In-1 Course: Learn Gospel Piano Harmony. Master Diminished Chord Moves & Tricks Plus Build Finger Strength & Speed

What you'll learn

Learn Gospel Piano Harmony in all 12 keys

Learn Gospel Circle/Cycle of Fifths (5ths) in all 12 keys

Learn and Master How to Use Diminished Chords

Must-learn Gospel Piano Chords & Progressions

Diminished Chord Drop-2 Moves

Master how to play all 12 keys with great gospel Piano chord progressions


You should have your own Piano or Keyboard or access to any

You should have basic Piano knowledge at the least

(Optional) Virtual MIDI Piano software like MIDIculous


Ever wondered how gospel musicians come up with nice, "JUICY" chords?Ever wanted to master Gospel Piano ?Ever wanted to learn and master how to play DIMINISHED CHORDS?Are you a beginner or intermediate musician and you are tired of playing boring chords?Piano Harmony In 12 Keys Plus Build Finger Strength & SpeedThis course has been specially designed to cater for beginners to intermediate and to advanced level musicians.If you are struggling with playing all keys, this course is a great way to SHARPEN your skills in all 12 keys.This course/class is play by ear gospel Piano Harmony courses which means that you will get all the gospel Piano essentials you need without having to read sheet music.Now you can learn powerful gospel Harmony and DIMINISHED Piano chords.Make sure to check out part two of this course to access the DIMINISHED chords mastery contentThe tutorials are perfect for learning piano chords, with full Piano HD video footage and virtual keyboard to light up the notes, you can easily understand the piano lessons as the course progresses.Plus, you can download the MP3 files and MIDI files of all performances on this course and play them on your virtual MIDI keyboard software which means that you can slow down the playing to turtle speed if you want.The course explains every single note, R&B Piano chord, R&B Piano lick, run played in great detail. Nothing is left outThis course teaches the followingGospel Piano Harmony in all 12 keysDiminished chords mastery (Check out part two)Circle of 5ths in all 12 keysand much more…All you need is your keyboard and notepad because you will be learning a lot and your playing will never remain the same after going through this course


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Preview

Lecture 2 Key C Gospel Piano Harmony - Class Full Introduction

Lecture 3 Key Db Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 4 Diminished Chords Mastery All Keys

Lecture 5 Key D Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 6 Key Eb Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 7 Key E Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 8 Key F Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 9 Key Gb Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 10 Key G Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 11 Key Ab Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 12 Key A Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 13 Key Bb Gospel Piano Harmony

Lecture 14 Key B Gospel Piano Harmony

Section 2: Finger Exercises

Lecture 15 Section Introduction

Lecture 16 01 Class Full Introduction + Key C Finger Exercise

Lecture 17 03 Key Db Finger Exercises

Lecture 18 04 Key D Finger Exercises

Lecture 19 05 Key Eb Finger Exercises

Lecture 20 06 Key E Finger Exercises

Lecture 21 Key F Finger Exercises

Lecture 22 Key Gb Finger Exercises

Lecture 23 Key G Finger Exercises

Lecture 24 Key Ab Finger Exercises

Lecture 25 Key A Finger Exercises

Lecture 26 Key Bb Finger Exercises

Lecture 27 Key B Finger Exercises

Lecture 28 Hanon Finger Exercises 1

Lecture 29 Hanon Finger Exercises Part 2

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