Two books Hikaru Hayashi about Manga Drawing

Posted By: Alexpal

Как я посмотрю, любят Японию на Аваксе. И хентай любят, и язык японский... А может быть это как-то связано между собой? :)
Была на Аваксе пара публикаций по манге. Судя по количеству комментариев - тема интересна, поэтому решил и свои две копейки подбросить - пара книг Hikaru Hayashi. Сегодня о самых интересных вещах - рисуем женщин и сражения!

Hikaru Hayashi, "How To Draw Manga Volume 20: Female Characters"
Japan Publications | ISBN 476611146X | 2000 Year | PDF | 29 Mb | 128 Pages

Like other reviews say, this is an intermediate or advanced book and not for a beginner. But if you can draw what you see fairly well, your skill for drawing manga girls will greatly increase after parsing through this great material. I broke out the "newsprint" pad, pencil set and sharpener, and drew along with every picture in this book over a 15 or so day period. And my skills went way up - I'm now very comfortable creating a manga girl from scratch. Highly recommended, although not the best book to carry around because of the mature theme.

Hikaru Hayashi, "How To Draw Manga: Illustrating Battles"
Japan Publications | ISBN 4766111478 | 2000 Year | PDF | 83 Mb | 128 Pages

More then anything, this book is a reference to various battle moves from major battles to the lesser slap scenes. Hayashi gives a lot of examples from different perspectives, angles, and methods of doing the same attack like punches, kicks, throws, and even dodging. He even covered bruises, rips, getting up, and crouches.
The examples are practically all hand-to-hand combat. If you're into weapons, you could use the examples and substitute it for weapons but visually, you'll probably have a harder time putting it together.
This book is more for the experienced artist who is already familiar with anatomy and as mentioned earlier, this book is for reference. It doesn't provide you with any step-by-step instructions, just pointers.