Fuzzy Transportation and Transshipment Problems

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Fuzzy Transportation and Transshipment Problems

Amarpreet Kaur, "Fuzzy Transportation and Transshipment Problems "
English | ISBN: 3030266753 | 2020 | 228 pages | PDF | 3 MB

This book presents a novel approach to the formulation and solution of three classes of problems: the fully fuzzy transportation problem, the fully fuzzy transshipment problem, and fully fuzzy solid transportation problem. It points out some limitations of the existing formulations and approaches, indicating some possible, conceptually and algorithmically attractive solutions to alleviate them. In particular, the book describes new conceptual and algorithmic solutions for finding the fuzzy optimal solutions of the single-objective fully fuzzy transportation problems, the fully fuzzy transshipment problems and the fully fuzzy solid transportation problems. Moreover, based on the novel concepts and solutions proposed by combining the concept of a fully fuzzy solid transportation problem and a fully fuzzy transshipment problem, it describes a new class of problems, i.e. the fully fuzzy solid trans-shipment problem, together with its fuzzy linear programming formulation and some methods to find its fuzzy optimal solution. The book offers the readers a timely piece of literature in the field of fuzzy linear programming, and is expected to act as a source of inspiration for future research and applications.