Michael W. Dean, «$30 Music School»

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Michael W. Dean, «$30 Music School»

Michael W. Dean, «$30 Music School»
Course Technology PTR | ISBN 1592001718 | 2003 Year | CHM | 19,84 Mb | 536 Pages

"Making art your full-time job is a full-time job." If you're ready to take on this job, then you're ready to follow the advice that you'll find inside $30 Music School. Do-it-Yourself recording, distribution, and promotion have made it easier than ever to make a living making music. Learn how to thrive in this new business model. $30 Music School is for people who want to be musicians, not just look like musicians. It's all about cutting through the star-system garbage and getting to the heart of art, and making great music that can reach the world on no budget. No matter what type of music moves yourock, Alternative, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Country, Jazz or Salsayou can take this book and put it to work for you. Go one-on-one with musicians who have made music their life. Use their advice and learn from their experiences. Find out what it takes to create both realistic goals as well as a map to reach them.

- Make great music that can reach the world on no budget
- Written by a musician who has experienced everything he preaches
- Author not only shows you how to make music, but also how to distribute, tour, promote, and sell your own music
- "$30 Music School" is your ticket into the showto do it yourself, not compromise your vision, and be heard

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