Modality in Contemporary English

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Modality in Contemporary English

Roberta Facchinetti, Manfred Krug, Frank Palmer, "Modality in Contemporary English"
2003 | pages: 407 | ISBN: 3110176866 | PDF | 8,8 mb

This book offers original theoretical accounts and a wealth of descriptive information concerning modality in present-day English. At the same time, it provides fresh impetus to more general linguistic issues such as grammaticalization, colloquialization, or the interplay between sociolinguistic and syntactic constraints. The articles fall into four sections: (a) the semantics and pragmatics of core modal verbs; (b) the status of emerging modal items; © stylistic variation and change; (d) sociolinguistic variation and syntactic models. The book is of considerable value to students and teachers of English and Linguistics at undergraduate and graduate level worldwide.

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