Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics (Repost)

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Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics (Repost)

Shakhbaz A. Yershin, "Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics"
English | ISBN: 3319256718 | 2017 | 386 pages | PDF | 14 MB

This book, on the general topic of hydroaerodynamics, investigates a number of exciting applications in this field, addressing specifically issues that allow seemingly paradoxical issues to be dealt with.

The first part is devoted to the study of channel flows, in particular the lateral flow of a viscous and viscous-plastic liquid in a ring channel formed by coaxial cylinders. Specifically, the problem of dissipation of mechanical energy in channel flows of highly viscous liquids is addressed and solved. Furthermore, the mechanism leading to hydrodynamic erosion in intra-field pipelines (known as "channelized effect") is identified. Subsequently, a theory for channel flows with mass transfer through porous walls is developed.

In the second part, viscous liquid free flows (jets) are investigated. In particular, a dispersion law for turbulent flow is derived and the existence of dynamic invariance in wake flows of variable density is demonstrated.

The third part presents new insights from both theoretical and experimental research into concentrated vortex structure formation and development. The conditions for the existence of Taylor-Goertler vortices are determined and the mechanism for their formation is described. Last but not least, the theory of vortex rings, a particularly interesting problem in hydroaerodynamics, is introduced in the last section of this book.

Care has been taken, when selecting original theoretical problems of interest, to make the link with related topics in the published literature. At the same time, all experimental research described in this book is given a meaningful physical interpretation and corroborated by suitable theoretical models and computations.