Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome (Repost)

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Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome (Repost)

Prehypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome (Updates in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection) by Reuven Zimlichman, Stevo Julius, Giuseppe Mancia
2019 | ISBN: 3319753096 | English | 689 pages | PDF | 11 MB

This book sheds new light on the management of patients with borderline cardiovascular risk factors in order to prevent their progression to end organ damage. The book stimulates discussion of this poorly understood condition and lays the groundwork for developing recommendations and guidelines.

While the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to full-blown diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity is well defined, there is still a lack of clear understanding and guidelines as far as patients with borderline conditions – especially when multiple – are concerned. Moreover, end-organ damage depends on several factors, including genetic factors, making it difficult to predict its extent. As such, the gradual transition from a healthy subject to one with functional hemodynamic changes, and then one with structurally asymptomatic changes and lastly to overt disease needs further investigation.

In order to address these knowledge gaps, the book covers a broad variety of topics, making it a valuable tool for identifying which asymptomatic subjects could profit from being appropriately screened and at what stage. Furthermore it offers insights into better treating these patients to prevent their progression to overt disease. The book appeals to cardiologists, primary care physicians and all those healthcare professional looking to optimize the management of these complex and often undiagnosed cases.