Digital Image Processing: Practical Approach

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Digital Image Processing: Practical Approach

Digital Image Processing: Practical Approach by Borko Furht
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 89 Pages | ISBN : 3319966332 | 29.57 MB

The SpringerBrief covers fundamentals of digital image processing including image concept, image file formats, creating user interfaces and many practical examples of processing images using C++ and Java. These practical examples include among other creating image histograms, performing lossless image compression, detecting change in colors, similarity-based image retrieval and others.
All practical examples are accompanied with an explanation how to create programs and the obtained results. This SpringerBrief can be very useful for the undergraduate courses on image processing, providing students with the basic tools in image analysis and processing. Practitioners and researchers working in this field will also find this research useful.
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