Model-Driven Software Development by Sami Beydeda

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Model-Driven Software Development by  Sami Beydeda

Model-Driven Software Development by Sami Beydeda (Editor), Matthias Book (Editor), Volker Gruhn (Editor)
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (September 1, 2005) | ISBN-10: 354025613X | PDF | 7,5 Mb | 464 pages

Abstraction is the most basic principle of software engineering. Abstractions are provided by models. Modeling and model transformation constitute the core of model-driven development. Models can be refined and finally be transformed into a technical implementation, i.e., a software system. The aim of this book is to give an overview of the state of the art in model-driven software development. Achievements are considered from a conceptual point of view in the first part, while the second part describes technical advances and infrastructures. Finally, the third part summarizes experiences gained in actual projects employing model-driven development. Beydeda, Book and Gruhn put together the results from leading researchers in this area, both from industry and academia. The result is a collection of papers which gives both researchers and graduate students a comprehensive overview of current research issues and industrial forefront practice, as promoted by OMG’s MDA initiative.

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