An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Processing

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An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Processing
Springer / 2nd ed (April 2007) | 453 pages | ISBN: 354049152X | PDF | 16Mb

Together the book and CD-ROM {NOT AVAILABLE WITH EBOOK} form a learning system that provides both investigative studies and the visualization of complex processes. A didactic concept is undertaken for microelectronics, computer technology and communication engineering, which deals with the visualization of signals and processes in addition to graphical programming of signal processing systems. Through the utilization of a professional and globally supported software for metrology and control engineering, DasyLab, useful applications can be developed, modified and optimized.
Computer supported processing of real signals is made possible over the sound card and the parallel port. Over two hundred pre-programmed signal engineering systems and design transparencies are provided.

Pictures also play a dominant rule in this book: there are numerous introduction-videos, one for every chapter, more than 250 high-quality pictures and - most important – all the "living" experiments and their results are visualized. With this learning system, readers can now make use of "equipment" and software, which was practically unaffordable for individuals in the past.

What's more, here is a very new concept for learning Signal Processing, not only from the physically-based scientific fundamentals, but also from the didactic perspective, based on modern results of brain research.

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