Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining, Second Edition (repost)

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Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining, Second Edition (repost)

Roger Marjoribanks, "Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining, Second Edition"
Sp n er | 2010 | ISBN: 3540743707 | 238 pages | PDF | 5,6 MB

This practical step-by-step guide describes the key geological field techniques needed by today's exploration geologists involved in the search for metallic mineral deposits. The techniques described are fundamental to the collection, storage and presentation of geological data and their use to locate ore. This book explains the various tasks which an exploration geologist is asked to perform in the sequence in which they might be employed in an actual exploration project. Hints and tips are given and the steps are illustrated with numerous examples drawn from real programmes on which the author has worked. Traditional skills are emphasised to show how they can be combined effectively with modern high-technology approaches. For instance this second edition also reviews new techniques geophysics along with GPS applications in exploration and the application of state-of-the-art software to mapping, 3D modelling and resource estimation. Another important facet is the discussion of harm minimisation, especially during the exploration stage, beginning with landowner and community consultation, through exploration planning, leading to sustainable and environmentally responsible mining practices.