The Concept of Capitalism (repost)

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The Concept of Capitalism (repost)

Bruce R. Scott, "The Concept of Capitalism"
Spr ger | 2009 | ISBN: 3642031099 | 76 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

This monograph on the concept of capitalism is the intellectual core of a larger work, entitled Capitalism, Its Origins and Evolution as a System of Governance, due for publication November 2009. The purpose of this monograph is to put forth an original concept of capitalism as a system of governance, including a theory of how it functions at any point in time and how it evolves through time. In the larger book, I present a theory of its origins and evolution and support this theory with a set of country case studies that span both time and geography. It was, in fact, my experience in studying these case studies that led me to the concept presented here as well as to the theory of capitalism’s origins and evolution.