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Vascular Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Correlations, Second Edition

Posted By: insetes
Vascular Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Correlations, Second Edition

Vascular Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Correlations, Second Edition By
2005 | 638 Pages | ISBN: 1405122021 | PDF | 12 MB

This second edition of a very successful vascular surgery text was developed in order to address significant changes that have occurred in contemporary vascular surgery and to highlight new information that has developed regarding vascular imaging, interventional and endovascular procedures. The overall length of the text is slightly shorter than the first edition with relevant core chapters being retained to emphasize the basic science nature of the text, with approximately 60% of the material undergoing major revisions or being new chapters.The significant change from the first text is an emphasis on vascular pathology and physiology that is relevant to current practice including information that is currently included on the vascular board examinations. A new emphasis on endovascular therapies has been added by including five chapters on endovascular techniques and an additional section with six chapters comparing conventional vascular reconstruction to endovascular methods. These new chapters address the most important issue in contemporary vascular surgery, i.e., the role of endovascular methods in treating vascular lesions and the impact that this has on training and credentialing. A unique aspect of this book differentiating it from other texts is a comparison of conventional methods with the endovascular techniques.Overall the text provides a comprehensive perspective of contemporary vascular surgery and future perspectives. The authors are preeminent in the field and are most capable for addressing the assigned topics with the goals being to provide an updated and forward looking text that accommodates the needs of practicing and training vascular surgeons.Content: Chapter 1 Embryology and Development of the Vascular System (pages 1–18): C. Phifer Nicholson and Peter GloviczkiChapter 2 Vascular Wall Physiology (pages 19–26): Christian C. HaudenschildChapter 3 Hemostasis and Coagulation (pages 27–42): Donald L. Jacobs and Jonathan B. TowneChapter 4 Molecular Aspects of Atherosclerosis (pages 43–54): J. Jeffrey Alexander and John A. MoawadChapter 5 Localization of Atherosclerotic Lesions (pages 55–65): Christopher K. Zarins, Chengpei Xu, Charles A. Taylor and Seymour GlagovChapter 6 Pathogenesis of Arterial Fibrodysplasia (pages 66–79): James C. StanleyChapter 7 Physiology of Vasospastic Disorders (pages 80–91): Scott E. Musicant, Jean?Baptiste Roullet, James M. Edwards and Gregory L. MonetaChapter 8 Buerger's Disease (pages 92–100): John Blebea and Richard F. KempczinskiChapter 9 Ergotism (pages 101–113): Roger F.J. ShepherdChapter 10 Arteritis (pages 114–118): Francis J. KazmierChapter 11 Adventitial Cystic Disease (pages 119–125): Carlos E. DonayreChapter 12 Entrapment Syndromes (pages 126–134): Carlos E. DonayreChapter 13 Intimal Hyperplasia (pages 135–145): Ted R. KohlerChapter 14 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (pages 146–161): Herbert I. MachlederChapter 15 Aneurysmal Disease (pages 162–179): Juan Carlos Jimenez and Samuel Eric WilsonChapter 16 Pathophysiology of Renovascular Hypertension (pages 180–191): David L. Robaczewski, Richard H. Dean and Kimberley J. HansenChapter 17 Pathophysiology, Hemodynamics, and Complications of Venous Disease (pages 192–206): Harold J. Welch, Kevin B. Raftery and Thomas F. O'DonnellChapter 18 Physiologic Changes in Lymphatic Dysfunction (pages 207–214): Peter GloviczkiChapter 19 Physiologic Changes in Visceral Ischemia (pages 215–224): Tina R. Desai, Joshua A. Tepper and Bruce L. GewertzChapter 20 Natural History of Atherosclerosis in the Lower Extremity, Carotid, and Coronary Circulations (pages 225–232): Daniel B. WalshChapter 21 Neurologic Basis for Sympathetically Maintained Pain: Causalgia and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (pages 233–240): Marco Scoccianti and Rodney A. WhiteChapter 22 Compartment Syndromes Physiology (pages 241–244): Malcolm O. PerryChapter 23 Physiology of Reperfusion Injury (pages 245–250): Shervanthi Homer?Vanniasinkam and D. Neil GrangerChapter 24 Cerebral Ischemia (pages 251–256): Hao Bui and Christian deVirgilioChapter 25 Pathophysiology of Spinal Cord Ischemia (pages 257–267): Larry H. HollierChapter 26 Vascular Erectile Dysfunction: Mechanisms and Current Approaches (pages 228–274): Ralph G. DePalmaChapter 27 Portal Hypertension: Pathophysiology and Clinical Correlates (pages 275–291): David Rigberg and Hugh A. GelabertChapter 28 Physiologic Basis of Hemodynamic Measurement (pages 293–305): R. Eugene ZierlerChapter 29 Spectral Analysis (pages 306–314): Christopher R.B. MerrittChapter 30 Ultrasound Imaging (pages 315–324): Christopher R.B. MerrittChapter 31 Radionuclide Scanning (pages 325–347): Robert E. SonnemakerChapter 32 Computed Tomography (pages 348–370): Anton Mlikotic and Irwin WalotChapter 33 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (pages 371–382): David Saloner, Rem van Tyen, Charles M. Anderson and Gary R. CaputoChapter 34 Angiography (pages 383–400): Anton Mlikotic and C. Mark MehringerChapter 35 Intravascular Ultrasound (pages 401–422): James T. Lee, George Kopchok and Rodney A. WhiteChapter 36 Angioscopy in Peripheral Vascular Surgery (pages 423–438): Arnold Miller and Thomas J. HolzenbeinChapter 37 Atherosclerosis: Risk Factors and Medical Management (pages 439–453): Ralph G. DePalma and Virginia W. HayesChapter 38 Pharmacologic Intervention: Thrombolytic Therapy (pages 454–467): Anthony J. Comerota, A. Koneti Rao and Mohammad H. EslamiChapter 39 Pharmacologic Intervention: Vasodilation Therapy and Rheologic Agents (pages 468–472): George JohnsonChapter 40 Pharmacologic Intervention: Lipid?Lowering Agents (pages 473–476): Ralph G. DePalmaChapter 41 Infections and Antibiotics in Vascular Surgery (pages 477–492): Martin R. BackChapter 42 Catheter?Based Approaches to the Treatment of Atheroembolic Disease (pages 493–502): Frank R. Arko, Christine Newman and Thomas J. FogartyChapter 43 Balloon Angioplasty and Transluminal Recanalization Devices (pages 503–515): Rajesh Subramanian and Stephen R. RameeChapter 44 Endovascular Stents (pages 516–519): Frank J. Criado, Youssef Rizk, Gregory S. Domer and Hilde JeriusChapter 45 Endovascular Prostheses for Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (pages 520–529): Carlos E. DonayreChapter 46 Surgical and Endovascular Treatment of Chronic Ischemia of the Lower Limbs (pages 531–542): Jean?Paul P.M. de Vries, Frans L. Moll and Jos C. van den BergChapter 47 Aortoiliac Endovascular Recanalization Compared with Surgical Reconstruction (pages 543–553): Peter L. Faries and Michael L. MarinChapter 48 Endovascular Stent?Graft Repair of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections (pages 554–566): Jason T Lee and Rodney A. WhiteChapter 49 Brachiocephalic Vascular Reconstructions Compared with Endovascular Repair (pages 567–574): Edward B. DiethrichChapter 50 Carotid Endarterectomy Compared with Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting (pages 575–586): Mark R. Harrigan, Ricardo A. Hanel, Elad I. Levy, Lee R. Guterman and L. Nelson HopkinsChapter 51 Endovascular Intervention for Venous Occlusion Compared with Surgical Reconstruction (pages 587–607): Patricia E. Thorpe and Francisco J. Osse