Buying a Property in Spain (How to)

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Buying a Property in Spain (How to)

Buying a Property in Spain (How to) by Harry King
English | Jan. 1999 | ISBN: 185703791X | 256 Pages | PDF | 8 MB

This guide to buying a property in Spain offers first-hand advice on where to stay, dealing with estate agents and builders and the types of properties available. It covers building your own home, renovating a ruin and renting a cosy cottage. CONTENTS:
Introducing Spain
- narrowing the options
- making a start
- what and where to buy
- the people involved
- understanding the legal documents for a new property
- money matters
- before you go
- linking it all together
- buying other properties
- timeshare and rental
- cutting red tape
- dealing with your finances
- learning about culture
- living life to the full
- avoiding failure
Illustrations: Maps, plans