Learning Visual Basic 6.0 Programming

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Learning Visual Basic 6.0 Programming

Learning Visual Basic 6.0 Programming by Juan Chávez Padilla
English | November 12, 2017 | ASIN: B077D4PNW1 | 7 Pages | ePub | 2 MB

I will like to introduce, why i will making this book first of all is to earning a good qalification in programming course, I hope I get it. At sometame anyone would thing if they could make something new or make to make thing for making life easier, and if you like computers, and be 75% of one day near your Pc, laptop, iPhone, etc. Its time to begin using Visual Basic 6.0 or any of its updates will like this small tutorial I'm making so first I will introduce Visual Basic (in short VB).
As you see this is the logo of Microsoft VB, as long in the book this is the main program we are going to use it in this tutorial. Visual Basic allows to create applications for the operating system WINDOWS, in a fast and easy way.