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Structural Proteomics: High-Throughput Methods

Posted By: insetes
Structural Proteomics: High-Throughput Methods

Structural Proteomics: High-Throughput Methods By Russell L. Marsden, Christine A. Orengo (auth.), Bostjan Kobe, Mitchell Guss, Thomas Huber (eds.)
2008 | 602 Pages | ISBN: 1588298094 | PDF | 14 MB

Structural genomics is a newly emerging field that has arisen following the successful footsteps of the major sequencing efforts generally bundled under the heading "genomics". In Structural Proteomics: High Throughput Methods, readers are provided with a current view of all aspects of the 'pipeline' that takes protein targets to structures and how these have been optimized. This volume includes chapters describing in-depth the individual steps in the Structural Genomics pipeline, as well as overviews of individual Structural Genomics initiatives. Topics include Target Selection for structural genomics, Protein structure modeling, High-throughput cloning, Mass Spectrometry modeling. Structural Proteomics: High Throughput Methods, encourages its readers to access further details on the methodologies in on-line resources as well as in cited literature making it an invaluable resource. Most methods in this important book are as amenable to small laboratories as to large consortia, and do not require major investments in facilities. This essential volume provides insight into the diversity of approaches adopted by different laboratories and proves that 'high throughput' is really the defining characteristic of structural genomics.