Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance

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Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance

Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance By Zarchan Paul
2012 | 1098 Pages | ISBN: 1600868940 | PDF | 27 MB

This best-selling title provides an in-depth look into tactical and strategic missile guidance, considering proven guidance methods from various points of view. The Sixth Edition includes six new chapters on topics related to improving missile guidance system performance and understanding key design concepts and tradeoffs. In addition, the original FORTRAN source code has now been converted into the widely used MATLAB programming language. The book aims to lay the foundation for meeting today’s new challenges facing guidance engineers. In this latest edition, the new chapters feature two new applications of the method of adjoints for mixed continuous-discrete systems; a new guidance law that can be used to shape the interceptor trajectory against a stationary target; an introduction of the differential game guidance law with bounded controls; techniques for graphically presenting strategic information on successful intercepts of an impulsive ballistic target being pursued by an impulsive interceptor; an examination of two filtering options for the boost-phase intercept of a strategic target; and a look into some of the guidance and control issues involved in enabling an air-launched interceptor carrying a highly maneuverable kinetic kill vehicle to perform an exoatmospheric intercept of a boosting threat target. With numerous new examples and easy-to-understand graphs and explanations, this is an indispensable guide for both the expert and the novice. - Data and information appearing in this book are for informational purposes only. AIAA and the author are not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from use or reliance, nor do AIAA and the author warrant that use or reliance will be free from privately owned rights.