Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism

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Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism

Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism By Gary North
American Bureau of Economic Research, Incorpo 1988 | 721 Pages | ISBN: 0930462025 | PDF | 2.8 MB

This is intellectual detective work at its best. The forward alone (The Crisis of Western Rationalism) is just about worth the price of the book. North follows the rationalistic viewpoint to lits logical conclusion, showing why it helps foment occultism. He also shows how orthodox Christianity has the only answer to problems unanswerable by devotees of science or the occult. But it's hardly a sermon. None the likes of which you've heard before. It's a full course meal for the mind on every page. It was through the reading of this book that I was introduced to the writings of Jacques Vallee, because North dedicates some analysis to Vallee's work. He believes that Vallee is on target about UFO's being a control mechanism of deception, but wrong about what they really are. At any rate there is one thing you will not be when reading this book….bored.