Climates and Weather Explained

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Climates and Weather Explained

Climates and Weather Explained By Bert Geerts
Publisher: Routledge 1997 | 432 Pages | ISBN: 0415125200 | PDF | 13.5 MB

Climates and Weather Explained integrates climatology and meteorology to present a comprehensive introduction to the study of the atmosphere. Clear explanations of basic principles, concepts and processes are supported by a wealth of highly informative illustrations and an array of case studies. The authors of this innovative textbook/CD package offer valuable new insights into topical environmental concerns including climate change, global warming, hazards, sustainable population, environmental degradation, agriculture and drought. Providing resources for practical work and more advanced study, the CD-ROM features: over 170 extra scientific "Notes", with 60 additional illustrations and tables; interactive numerical, multiple choice and practical exercises and self-assessment tests; extended guides to further reading; extended glossary; teaching suggestions and guides; hypertext presentation and extensive cross-referencing; clear navigation, print-out and download options.