Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps

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Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps

Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps By Stephen Fishman
Publisher: NOLO 2006 | 276 Pages | ISBN: 1413305504 | PDF | 1.1 MB

The complete guide to lowering your taxes, one step at a time!

Many personal finance books are full of hype, promising a radical reduction in taxes (or no taxes at all). Unfortunately, they often tout obscure tax strategies that apply to only a handful of people– or doubtful schemes that could bring on the IRS.

Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps is a different kind of book, providing insights and tactics that can reduce your tax bill. Clearly and concisely, it explains the seven most valuable rules of tax planning:

Boost tax-free income Get a lower tax rate Defer paying taxes Make the most of deductions Take advantage of exemptions dentify and use tax credits Shift income to other taxpayers Each rule is fleshed out with plenty of ideas, strategies and real-life examples. In the end, you'll save time and money with confidence. Take advantage of retirement plans, home mortgages, student loans, charitable contributions, medical expenses, dependents, even businesses that never get started– and more!