The Great Aviation Story (Repost)

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The Great Aviation Story (Repost)

R.K. Murthi, "The Great Aviation Story"
English | 2006 | 113 Pages | ISBN: 8123743904 | PDF | 5 MB

In 1783, man soared into space, riding a hot-air balloon; as hot air is lighter than the air around us. Could an object, heavier than air, defy gravity and fly? In 1905, the Wright brothers found the answer and flew a machine heavier than air. That marked the beginning of the great aviation story. Since then, aircraft's range, speed and capability have increased manifold. So have their areas of application. Work is currently on to achieve spectacular advances in aviation, including a solo flight round the earth, in less than 70 hours! These achievements prove that even sky can't set the limit to the future of aviation.
This book presents the story of how the man's great dream of flying came true, how the technological advancements affected the evolution of aircrafts, and how it changed the course of history.