Power System Analysis (repost)

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Power System Analysis (repost)

Murty P. S. R., "Power System Analysis"
2007 | ISBN: 8178001616, 1441665285 | 336 pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

Power System analysis is a pre-requisite course for electrical power engineering students.

In Chapter 1. introductory concepts about a Power system, network models, faults and analysis;the primitive network and stability are presented.
Chapter 2 deals with the graph theory that is relevant to various incidence matrices required for network modelling are explained.
Chapter 3 explains the various incidence matrices and network matrices.
Chapter 4 discusses, step-by-step method of building of network matrices.
Chapter 5 deals with power flow studies. Both Gauss-Seidel method and Newton-Raphson methods are explained. In Newton-Raphson method both the Cartesion coordinates method and polar coordinates methods are discussed.
In chapter 6 short circuit analysis is explained Per unit quantity and percentage values are defined. Analysis for symmetrical faults is discussed. The utility of reactors for bus bar and generator protection is also explained. Unbalanced fault analysis is presented in chapter 7.
Chapter 7. Use of symmetrical components and network connections are explained.
Chapter 8 deals with the power system stability problem. Steady state stability. transient stability and dynamic stability are discussed.
It is earnestly hoped that this book will meet the requirements of students in the subject power system analysis.