Knitted Flowers

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Knitted Flowers

Nicky Epstein, "Knitted Flowers"
Sixth & Spring Books | ISBN: 1931543887 | 2006 | PDF | 135 Pages | 16 Мб

Nicky Epstein - "rock star" in the field of the knitting, obtained a national recognition for its innovative and original works. Its both previous books "Knitting on the Edge" and "Knitting Over the Edge" became best sellers. In this book, Nikki the garden from bright and freakish colours, for an ornament of clothes, footwear, pillows, bags - in a word - all knits.You will find all in the book: from charming roses to lazy daisies, from single inflorescences to законченых bouquets, from layered variants of a petal to gear and spiral. C author's detailed instructions and images grasping spirit, knitting of these colours becomes pleasure for the needlewoman.




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