Is Consulting for You?

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Is Consulting for You?

Is Consulting for You? By Ulla de Stricker
2009 | 101 Pages | ISBN: 0838909477 | PDF | 1 MB

Librarians and information professionals possess a unique mix of skills that are well suited to consulting. Expert author Ulla de Stricker shows how this skill-set applies to a range of consulting activities from highly specialized, focused activities to broad strategic efforts. Providing a from-the-trenches perspective of the many consulting opportunities available both within and outside the library setting, this guide will help you * Identify the pros and cons of consulting * Partner with professionals to maximize your business * Develop effective business and marketing plans * Learn to negotiate using the contract and proposal primer * Set up shop and thrive as a consultantIf you ve ever considered becoming a consultant, this book will help you determine whether it s right for you and give you the tools to succeed. Seasoned consultants, library staff trainers, and companies working with libraries will also gain inspiration from the wealth of ideas offered here