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Flavor Analysis. Developments in Isolation and Characterization

Posted By: insetes
Flavor Analysis. Developments in Isolation and Characterization

Flavor Analysis. Developments in Isolation and Characterization By Cynthia J. Mussinan and Michael J. Morello (Eds.)
1998 | 379 Pages | ISBN: 0841235783 | PDF | 31 MB

Content: Challenges in flavor chemistry : an overview / Roy Teranishi -- Applications of a microextraction class separation technique to the analysis of complex flavor mixtures / Thomas H. Parliament -- Evaluation of purge-and-trap parameters : optimization using a statistical design / Mathias K. Sucan, Cathryn Fritz-Jung, and Joan Ballam -- The importance of the vacuum headspace method for the analysis of fruit flavors / Matthias Güntert, Gerhard Krammer, Horst Sommer, and Peter Werkhoff -- Relationship between aroma compounds' partitioning constants and release during microwave heating / Deborah D. Roberts and Philippe Pollien -- Extraction by headspace trapping onto tenax of novel thiazoles and 3-thiazolines in cooked beef / J. Stephen Elmore and Donald S. Mottram -- Extraction of thiol and disulfide aroma compounds from food systems / Donald S. Mottram, Ian C.C. Nobrega, and Andrew T. Dodson -- Isolation of flavor compounds from protein material / O.E. Mills and A.J. Broome -- Sampling carbonyl compounds with solid phase microextraction utilizing on-fiber derivatization / Perry A. Martos and Janusz Pawliszyn -- Comparison of volatile analysis of lipid-containing and meat matrices by solid phase micro- and supercritical fluid-extraction / Janet M. Snyder, Jerry W. King, and Zhouyao Zhang -- Thermo desorption as sample preparation technique for food and flavor analysis by gas chromatography / M. Rothaupt -- Analysis of volatile Maillard reaction products by different methods / K. Eichner, M. Lange-Aperdannier, and U. Vossmann -- [Gamma]- and [delta]-thiolactones : an interesting class of sulfur-containing flavor compounds / Karl-Heinz Engel, Irmgard Roling, and Hans-Georg Schmarr -- Analysis of thermal degradation products of allyl isothiocyanate and phenethyl isothiocyanate / Chung-Wen Chen, Robert T. Rosen, and Chi-Tang Ho -- Biosynthesis of optically active [delta]-decalactone and [delta]-jasmin lactone by 13-lipoxygenase pathways in the yeast Sporobolomyces odorus / R. Tressl, L.-A. Garbe, T. Haffner, and H. Lange -- Application of countercurrent chromatography to the analysis of aroma precursors in rose flowers / Peter Winterhalter, Holger Knapp, Markus Straubinger, Selenia Fornari, and Naoharu Watanabe -- Mass spectrometry of the acetal derivatives of selected generally recognized as safe listed aldehydes with ethanol, 1,2-propylene glycol and glycerol / Keith Woelfel and Thomas G. Hartman -- Comparison of HPLC and GC-MS analysis of furans and furanones in citrus juices / R. Rouseff, K. Goodner, H. Nordby, and M. Naim -- Application of microwave-assisted process and Py-GC-MS to the analysis of Maillard reaction products / V.A. Yaylayan and A. Keyhani -- Characterization of coumarin and psoralen levels in California and Arizona citrus oils / Valerie L. Barrett and Denny B. Nelson -- Profiling of bioactive and flavor-active natural products by liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry / Kenneth J. Strassburger -- Quantification of impact odorants in food by isotope dilution assay : strength and limitations / Christian Milo and Imre Blank -- Carbon isotope composition of selected flavoring compounds for the determination of natural origin by gas chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometer / R.A. Culp, J.M. Legato, and E. Otero -- Validation of gas chromatography olfactometry results for 'gala' apples by evaluation of aroma-active compound mixtures / Anne Plotto, James P. Mattheis, David S. Lundahl, and Mina R. McDaniel -- Chemical and sensory analysis of off-flavors in citrus products / M. Naim, R.L. Rouseff, U. Zehavi, O. Schutz, and E. Halvera-Toledo -- Characterization of key odorants in dry-heated cysteine-carbohydrate mixtures : comparison with aqueous reaction systems / P. Schieberle and T. Hofmann -- Aroma profile of the Australian truffle-like fungus Mesophellia glauca / S. Millington, D.N. Leach, S.G. Wyllie, and A.W. Claridge -- Analysis of aroma-active components of light-activated milk / Keith R. Cadwallader and Cameron L. Howard -- High resolution gas chromatography-selective odorant measurement by multisensor array : a useful technique to develop tailor-made chemosensor arrays for food flavor analysis / P. Schieberle, T. Hofmann, D. Kohl, C. Krummel, L. Heinert, J. Bock, and M. Traxler.