Operator's manual for mashine gun M60

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Operator's manual for mashine gun M60

Headquarters, Department of the USArmy: "Operator's manual for mashine gun M60"
Publisher n/a | ISBN: n/a | edition: 1998 | PDF | 220 Pages | 1,1 Mb

Technical management to company Saco Defense product.
Machine gun М-60 has been accepted on arms of army of the USA in the late fifties the last century, and only in the late eighties it was replaced by the Belgian machine guns М240 (FN MAG).
At designing М-60 the power supply circuit of German MG-42 which allowed to move a tape in both directions has been used. The machine gun initially intended under 7,62-mm the NATO cartridge, allowing to punch the easy reservation. However as a result of М-60 it was capable to shoot various kinds of cartridges. Were issued as the infantry variants calculated on calculation from two persons, and the models intended for installation on the reservation - and the aircraft technician.
М-60 Were actively used in Vietnam where it has proved the fighting efficiency at conducting protecting fire during a landing from helicopters in jungle (М-60 it is possible to see in hands at Silvestra Stallone in films of a series "Rembo", and not one, and at once two that, considering machine gun weight (10,5 kg), in itself is a feat:). М-60 provided fire support during operation carrying out «the Storm in desert». In the north of Iraq in 2005 updating М-60D was used by the American arrows by helicopters UH-60 Blackhawk.




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