Our LORD Who Becomes the Righteousness of God (I)

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Our LORD Who Becomes the Righteousness of God (I)

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Publisher: Hephzibah Publishing House | ISBN-10: 8983141972 | edition 2002 | PDF | 365 pages | 1.72 mb

There are many Christian leaders who are outstanding in their ethical and moral standards. However, they teach their followers to pursue the human righteousness inside Christianity stirring up the human ethics and morals of Christians. They don¡¯t even have the slightest idea about the gospel of the water and the Spirit containing God¡¯s righteousness.
Therefore, they can¡¯t teach their followers about the righteousness of God. This is the reason why the true gospel in which God¡¯s righteousness is revealed cannot be found inside the doctrines and teachings of Christianity nowadays. Christianity has not spread God¡¯s righteousness, which is revealed inside the gospel of the water and the Spirit and is considered the most important by God, until now. Therefore, no one is able to soundly encounter God¡¯s righteousness with Christian doctrines.
This book will not only give you a clear-cut definition of the righteousness of God manifested in Romans but also allow you to have it by faith. I am sure that to any prudent reader of this book, the Book of Romans will no longer be a difficult Scripture, but be a familiar and life-giving Word of God instead.
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