Conflicted Boundaries in Wisdom and Apocalypticism (Repost)

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Conflicted Boundaries in Wisdom and Apocalypticism (Repost)

Benjamin G. Wright III, Lawrence M. Wills, "Conflicted Boundaries in Wisdom and Apocalypticism"
2006 | pages: 248 | ISBN: 9004146679 | PDF | 9 mb

The notion that wisdom and apocalypticism represent fundamentally different and mutually exclusive categories of genre and worldview in early Jewish and Christian literature persists in current scholarship. The essay in this volume, the work of the Wisdom and Apocalypticism Group of the Society of Biblical Literature, challenged that generally held view as they explore the social locations and scholarly constructions of these literatures and discover an ancient reality of more porous categories and complex interrelationships. The volume draws on a broad range of Jewish and Christian texts, including "1 Enoch", "Sirach", "4Qinstruction", "Psalms of Solomon", "James", "Revelation", and "Barnabas". The contributors are Ellen Bradshaw Aitken, Patrick J. Hartin, Richard A. Horsley, Matthew J. Goff, George W.E. Nickelsburg, Barbara R. Rossing, Sarah J. Tanzer, Patrick A. Tiller, Rodney A. Werline, Lawrence M. Wills and Benjamin G. Wright III.

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