Historical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives

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Historical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives

Randall Gess, Deborah Arteaga, "Historical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 9027247889 | PDF | pages: 405 | 5.5 mb

This volume contains 17 studies on historical Romance linguistics within a variety of current theoretical frameworks; it includes studies on phonology, morphology and syntax, focusing solely or comparatively on all five ‘major’ Romance languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. An introduction by the eminent Romance Linguist Jürgen Klausenburger addresses the fit of these studies in the overall development of the field of historical Romance linguistics since the 19th century. The studies in this volume demonstrate an organic link between Malkiel’s (1961) ‘classic’ definition of Romance linguistics and the field of Romance linguistics today, because just as scholars of the field in the 19th century successfully applied the dominant paradigm of (historical) linguistics of their time, Neogrammarian theory, so do the authors contained in the present volume avail themselves of current linguistic advances to achieve equally significant results.