Maclaim: Finest Fotorealistic Graffiti

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Maclaim: Finest Fotorealistic Graffiti

Maclaim: Finest Fotorealistic Graffiti By S. Petermann (Author), F. Lehmann (Author)
2006 | 153 Pages | ISBN: 3939566012 | PDF | 75 MB

The Ma'claim guys are the mutts nuts of photo realistic graffiti. Show the contents of this book to anyone who claims graffiti can't be art and they'll have to doff their cap in respect. Asides from the peerless workmanship on display there's a wealth of useful 'how did they do that' information explaining graffiti techniques and trade secrets. And that's something that's missing from a lot of books. It's good to see those who are so accomplished giving out tips and advice to those who may only be thinking of starting out. Ma'claim hail from East Germany and, just for the record, are Akut, (El kitsch) Tasso, Case and Rusk.