Greek Archaeology Without Frontiers

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Greek Archaeology Without Frontiers

Greek Archaeology Without Frontiers By A.G. Leventis Foundation
Publisher: National Hellenic Research Foundation 2002 | 252 Pages | ISBN: 9607998111 | PDF | 255 MB

The remarkable discoveries continuously brought to light in our country by the archaeologist's trowel lead us to forget that the ancient Greek world was much more extensive than the contemporary Greek state, and that traces of this Greek presence stretch from the Iberian peninsula to beyond the Indus and from the cataracts of the Nile to the Crimea. With the intention of reminding the wider public of these far-flung remnants of Hellenism, the NHRF organized two series of lectures under the general title: "Greek Archaeology without Frontiers". Each series consisted of four pairs of lectures dedicated respectively to the south eastern regions of the ancient Hellenic world (Egypt, Cyprus, Asia Minor, Bactria and India) and to the northern and western areas (the Black Sea, Albania, Magna Graecia with Sicily and Libya). The invited scholars were chosen for their involvement with excavations in this wide-ranging world that was influenced by Hellenism. The texts of these lectures are contained in the present volume.
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