SQL for Data Analysis (Early Release)

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SQL for Data Analysis (Early Release)

SQL for Data Analysis (Early Release) by Cathy Tanimura
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9781492088769 | 150 Pages | Epub | 1 MB

With the explosion of computing power, thanks to analytic databases and cloud data warehouses, SQL has become an even more powerful and flexible tool for the savvy analyst or data scientist. This practical book reveals hidden ways to get the most out of your SQL workflow.
You'll learn how to use both common and exotic SQL functions such as joins, window functions, subqueries, and regular expressions in new, innovative ways–as well as how to combine SQL techniques to accomplish your goals faster, with more understandable code. If you work with SQL databases, this is a must-have reference.

SQL for Data Analysis covers useful applications such as:

Cohort analysis
Text analysis
Anomaly detection
Time series analysis
Experiment analysis
Creating complex data sets for further exploration in statistical and visualization tools
And more