Applications of Generalized Nets

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Applications of Generalized Nets

Krassimir T. Atanassov, "Applications of Generalized Nets"
1993 | ISBN-10: 9810206674 | 300 pages | PDF | 86 MB

This book contains papers on almost all models of processes developed up to now, which are described on the basis of Generalized Hets (GHs). These extensions of Petri nets were described in my book "Generalized Hets" (World Scientific Pub], Co., Singapore, 1991). The results used from the bock "Generalized Bets" are given in Appendix J ,
This book is divided in five areas: theoretical results on GHs, theoretical GH-models, GH-models of economical, industrial and transportational processes, GH-models of processes, related to medical dia­gnostics, and GH-models of computer processes. Elements of the first version of the Program Package for GHs (FPGH), which is already prepa­red are described in the last chapter. The authors are my colleagues, postgraduate students and students, who are interested in GHs. Toe aim of this book is to show the largest possible scope of applications of GHs. I hope that this task will be fulfilled. GHs are realized in the frames of FPGH.