A Story Of Light: A Short Introduction To Quantum Field Theory Of Quarks And Leptons

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M. Y. Han, «A Story Of Light: A Short Introduction To Quantum Field Theory Of Quarks And Leptons»
World Scientific Publishing | ISBN 9812560343 | 2004-12-31 | PDF | 1,49 Mb | 107 pages



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Book Description:

This book presents the essential aspects of relativistic quantum field theory, with minimal use of mathematics. It covers the development of quantum field theory from the original quantization of electromagnetic field to the gauge field theory of interactions among quarks and leptons.

Aimed at both scientists and non-specialists, it requires only some rudimentary knowledge of the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of Newtonian mechanics and a basic understanding of the special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.


* Particles and Fields I: Dichotomy
* Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics
* Canonical Quantization
* Particles and Fields II: Duality
* Equations for Duality
* Electromagnetic Field
* Emulation of Light I: Matter Fields
* Road Map for Field Quantization
* Particles and Fields III: Particles as Quanta of Fields
* Emulation of Light II: Interactions
* Triumph and Wane
* Emulation of Light III: Gauge Field
* Quarks and Leptons
* Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theories

Readership: Students, researchers, academics and non-specialists interested in quantum field theory.