Elements of Numerical Analysis with Mathematica

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Elements of Numerical Analysis with Mathematica

John Loustau, "Elements of Numerical Analysis with Mathematica"
English | ISBN: 9813224150, 9813222719 | 2017 | EPUB | 164 pages | 5,3 MB

Here we present numerical analysis to advanced undergraduate and master degree level grad students. This is to be done in one semester. The programming language is Mathematica. The mathematical foundation and technique is included. The emphasis is geared toward the two major developing areas of applied mathematics, mathematical finance and mathematical biology.
Linear Systems and Optimization
Interpolating and Fitting
Numerical Differentiation
Numerical Integration
Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations
Monte Carlo Method

Readership: Undergraduate and master students.
Key Features:
Develops the topic with Mathematica. Beginning students in numerical analysis need a textbook that uses the programming language they will be using. Many universities use the programming language but few if any textbooks use it
Includes much biologically based material, examples and exercises. Mathematical biology is currently the hottest area in Math
Includes Monte Carlo method, FDM and numerical ODE methods. Hence suitable for a numerical analysis course in a Financial Math program, another hot topic for mathematics
In one semester, it prepares students to take graduate level numerical analysis classes