Lattice-Based Public-Key Cryptography in Hardware

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Lattice-Based Public-Key Cryptography in Hardware

Sujoy Sinha Roy, "Lattice-Based Public-Key Cryptography in Hardware "
English | ISBN: 9813299932 | 2020 | 101 pages | PDF | 2 MB

This book describes the efficient implementation of public-key cryptography (PKC) to address the security challenges of massive amounts of information generated by the vast network of connected devices, ranging from tiny Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to powerful desktop computers. It investigates implementation aspects of post quantum PKC and homomorphic encryption schemes whose security is based on the hardness of the ring-learning with error (LWE) problem. The work includes designing an FPGA-based accelerator to speed up computation on encrypted data in the cloud computer. It also proposes a more practical scheme that uses a special module called recryption box to assist homomorphic function evaluation, roughly 20 times faster than the implementation without this module.