The Chinese Digital Economy

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The Chinese Digital Economy

The Chinese Digital Economy by Ma Huateng
English | EPUB | 2021 | 237 Pages | ISBN : 9813360046 | 2.6 MB

This book points out that “Internet” is the means, and the digital economy is the result. Therefore, the development of digital economy will inevitably have a profound impact on traditional enterprises and Internet enterprises and become the main way and new driving force for China's innovation and growth.
The book starts with the concept of digital economy and reveals the current development of digital economy, how to improve the foundation of digital construction, and the strategies for accelerating digital transformation of various industries, the problems that need to be solved in the development of digital economy and the huge role it will play in promoting society. The book provides a clear blueprint for the government and enterprises to understand and formulate policies and development strategies in the era of digital economy.
Pony Ma is one of the main founders of Tencent, and the current chairman and CEO. In 1998, Ma Huateng and his classmate Zhang Zhidong registered to establish Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. Pony Ma made a proposal in 2017 during the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference. His proposal is Suggestions on Vigorously Developing Digital Economy and Promoting the Strategy of Internet Powerful Country.

Meng Zhaoli holds a doctorate from the National University of Singapore. She serves as President of Jingdong Institute of Finance, Former Chief Economist and Vice President of Tencent Research Institute, Deputy Secretary-General of Tencent Foundation and Special Strategic Adviser for the Joint Project between Peking University and Gates Foundation.
Yan Deli serves as Senior Research Fellow of Tencent Research Institute, Part-time Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University and Member of Information and Communication Economics Expert Committee of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Wang Hualei holds a doctorate from Peking University and is Senior Engineer of China's National Industrial Information Security Development and Research Centre.