Making Folding Knives

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Making Folding Knives

Harold Hoffman, "Making Folding Knives"
1989 | ISBN-10: 9991019685 | PDF | 80 pages | 5 MB

Most of the individuals that make knives, or are thinking about making knives, are not totally satisfied with the knives that are available. Making their own is one way to get what they want.
This book is about making fix blades, folders, spring backs and Lock backs. I will show the reader how to make these knives in this book, as well as many other processes that will be useful as well as save you much time. I also go into the advance phase of the Knife Makers art that includes casting
of special parts and fittings. This will allow a higher profit margin on duplicated knives.
Using simple templates that can be easily made in the shop, I will show the reader how they can easily make one or a dozen knives, this method eliminates hours of work on the knife. After making a few knives, you will be able to make a first class folder in eight hours or less.
The equipment needed is not that expensive, and most people that like to make things will have some of the equipment that I will describe in the next chapter.
Each knife that you build can be a beauty, and a work of art, and it will surprise you of the beauty and the uniqueness of the knives you build. They are sleek and graceful, and you can build each with your personal touch.