Randal K. Michael - AIX 5L Administration [Repost]

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Randal K. Michael - AIX 5L Administration [Repost]

Randal K. Michael - AIX 5L Administration
2002 | ISBN: 0072222557 | English | 704 pages | PDF | 11.6 MB

Configure, customize, and administer AIX version 5L effectively using this expert resource. Use system management tools, work with network and distributed file systems, manage the user environment, tune and monitor the system, and much more.
From the Back Cover
Your one-stop AIX 5L resource
Maximize the powerful capabilities of AIX version 5L-the fastest growing UNIX operating system-with help from this exceptional guide. Emphasizing everything system administrators need to know–from installation and system architecture to network configuration and security issues-this complete guide contains professional-level coverage of key topics. You'll also find details on new enhancements such as Linux application source compatibility, system V printing, 32- and 64-bit Kernel support, system hang detection, and much more. Comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date, this is a must-have reference for every administrator working with AIX 5L.
* Learn about all of the new features of AIX–including Linux affinity and JFS2
* Understand kernel architecture–threads, signals, locks, and overhead
* Clone AIX systems to different pSeries and RS/6000 hardware
* Test and apply maintenance level patches, use SMIT, and WebSM
* Configure the optional 64-bit Kernel support and use added support for System V printing
* Create new bootable media and backups
* Configure devices and use Object Data Manager (ODM) components
* Reduce the size of an active paging space on the fly