A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms And Concepts (repost)

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A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms And Concepts (repost)

A Dictionary of Nonprofit Terms And Concepts
David Horton Smith, Robert A. Stebbins, Michael A. Dover | ISBN: 0253347831 | PDF | 356 pages | English | 6 MB

"More than 60 pages of bibliography provide an excellent resource for anyone wishing to review the key literature in the field." – Philanthropy UK

"… offers over 1,200 entries that review prior theoretical and research aspects of nonprofits. It highlights the multidisciplinary facets of the field with a review of the basic terminology of philanthropy, politics, and volunteerism. The goal is to have these entries eventually become the benchmark for researchers, along with novice readers, while reaching a global audience. Entries are listed in alphabetical order, and most are cross – referenced to a generous 60 – page bibliography. Academics and researchers can benefit from the clustering of these entries into 10 conceptual areas of the nonprofit sector, which include the topics of law, religion, and association management…. Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, faculty/researchers, and practitioners of nonprofit management." – Choice

"This book will be useful for major business administration programs and associations that work with nonprofits." – Judith J. Field, American Reference Books Annual




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