Bizarre Foods - Season 2

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Bizarre Foods - Season 2

Bizarre Foods - Season 2
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Bizarre Foods focuses on regional cuisine from around the world which is typically perceived by Americans as being gross, unique, or, of course, bizarre. In each episode, Zimmern focuses on the cuisine of a particular country or region. He typically shows how the food is procured, where it is served, and, usually without hesitation, eats it.
Andrew Zimmern is a chef, food writer, teacher, and is regarded as one of the most versatile and knowledgeable personalities in the food world. He was recently presented the prestigious James Beard Award in the Outstanding Television Food Personality category for his work as host and consulting producer of Travel Channel's hit series, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. In the long-running series, he travels the world discovering and sharing the authentic cultural experience through food.

Episode 1: Memorable Moments (28 November, 2007)

Season 1 recap with some of its highlights, including lamb's head, guinea pig, roast pigeon, worms, grubs, armadillo, and stinky tofu. Also included were outtakes and unaired scenes.

Episode 2: Best Bites (26 February, 2008)

Season 1 recap with some of its highlights, including balut, hen's uterus, grubs, conch, ptarmigan, jellied eels, nutria, octopus, and souse. Also included were unaired scenes and a preview of season 2.

Episode 3: Beijing, China (4 March, 2008)

Andrew visits a Beijing shop that makes medicines with animal parts.
Cicada, seahorse, sea urchin, donkey rib and tail stew and skin, dried tree lizard, sea cucumber, camel paw, pig stomach, dao jiao, snake penis, fried deer penis, yak penis, whelk over dry ice.

Episode 4: Hákarl, Iceland (11 March, 2008)

Andrew tastes blood pudding and rotten shark meat in Iceland.
Grilled puffin, slátur (a type of blood pudding) skyr, lamb hot dog, geothermal cooking: langoustine, minke whale (not shown on Iceland episode but shown during the 3/3/09 "Surf's Up" episode).

Episode 5: St. Petersburg, Russia (18 March, 2008)

Vobla, borscht, cow's tongue, kvas, herring blini, salo, pickled lamprey, brown bear meat, caviar, shashlik.

Episode 6: Minnesota, USA (25 March, 2008)

Andrew visits Minnesota to taste any and everything on a stick.
Pig's foot, lutefisk, reuben on a stick, spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, gator on a stick, teriyaki ostrich on a stick, wild boar's liver, brain, and testicles, venison, sauerkraut pie, deep fried chicken gizzard, goober burger (with peanut butter and mayonnaise), herring roe.

Episode 7: Bolivia (1 April, 2008)

Andrew goes to Bolivia and eats everything from llamas to lizards.
Lamb kidneys, tripe, bull penis soup, all-organ dish, llama brain and tongue, carpaccio, pickled pig's feet, lamb jerky, chitterlings, mocochinchi (peach juice with cinnamon), llama jerky, chuño, mangosteen, armadillo, feral pig, quinoa, Titicaca Orestias.

Episode 8: Chile (8 April, 2008)

Andrew visits rural Chile to feast on scrotum stew and lamb's blood.
Pacific razor clams, cow udder, braided intestines, blood sausage, lúcuma juice, donkey milk, cow's butt sandwich, barnacles, mussels, seaweed, horse, conger eel, live sea squirt, fresh bull testicle and scrotum stew, lamb's blood pudding.

Episode 9: Guangzhou, China (15 April, 2008)

Andrew eats jellyfish soup, scorpion and fungus chicken in Guangzhou.
Grilled squid, dim sum with chicken feet, stuffed duck's feet, stir-fried milk with shrimp, turtle soup, pigeon, scorpion, suckling pig, jellyfish salad, worm and hairy crab roe omelet, wood ear mushroom, frog legs, 60 meter long noodle, stinkhorn, hairy gourd, starfish being used for decoration.

Episode 10: Delhi, India (29 April, 2008)

Andrew goes to one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world: Delhi.
Pomfret, lentil, brain curry, mutton liver and kidney stew, tandoori roti, goat and lamb testicles, paneer, boiled banana flower, banana plant stem, fruit sandwich, pani puri, lassi, mutton balls, gushtaba, chapati.

Bizarre Foods - Season 2

Bizarre Foods - Season 2

Bizarre Foods - Season 2

Bizarre Foods - Season 2

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