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Acca Financial Management F9 2022 Past Papers Complete Guide

Posted By: ELK1nG
Acca Financial Management F9 2022 Past Papers Complete Guide

Acca Financial Management F9 2022 Past Papers Complete Guide
Published 8/2022
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ACCA FM (F9) - 2022 ACCA Official Past Papers Analysed with Tutor Insights, Notes and Tips used in masterclass webinars

What you'll learn
ACCA study and exam techniques to help you pass the ACCA Financial Management (FM/F9) exam
A complete ACCA tutor review, explanation and analysis of the two ACCA Financial Management (FM/F9) March/June 2022 past paper section C scenarios
ACCA expert tutor insights for the ACCA FM (F9) exam that I have previously used to help students from around the world to pass their exam
ACCA FM (F9) key exam technique to gain top marks on the toughest part of the ACCA FM (F9) exam (Two section C 20 mark scenario questions)
This course will benefit students that are studying for the ACCA Financial Management (FM/F9) exam
The course will provide you with: [1] A full breakdown of the two ACCA FM (F9) 2022 March & June scenario based section C questions with answer analysis and ACCA tutor insights [2] My exclusive to Udemy ACCA FM (F9) notes viewable and follow the videos in the course to review your answer & help your revision[3] ACCA tutor insights as a current accountancy & finance lecturer and from my experience as an ACCA student and now as an ACCA qualified member (FCCA)[4] ACCA exam tips and specific advice to help you pass your upcoming Financial Management (FM/F9) exam  [5] A detailed review and analysis of the 2022 March & June mark schemes to maximise marks in your examThe course content will cover the follow topics in ACCA Financial Management (FM/F9) syllabus:Topic 1 :  Calculating Net Present Value (NPV)Topic 2 : Calculating Internal Rate of Return (IRR)Topic 3 : Calculating the payback periodTopic 4 :  Calculating the Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)Topic 5 :  Investment appraisal methods - Pros, cons and application to the scenarioTopic 6 :  Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)Topic 7 :  Debt and equity finance methods applied to a scenarioExtra ACCA resources in the course:Resources have been included to ACCA approved technical articles that have been linked together with the relevant materials for you to access and gain a better understanding of the Financial Management (F9) syllabus.  Detailed course description:The course is designed to take you through a full ACCA approved Financial Management (FM/F9) past exam paper from the March & June 2022 samples.  The resources reviewed in the course are ACCA approved materials and it highly recommended you attempt these before your PM (F5) exam.  By the end of the course and from trying the questions yourself along with listening to my ACCA insights, you will understand how to interpret the requirements and scenarios better to apply in your ACCA exam to help you pass.  Overall, the course will give you confidence to then start attempting more revision and past paper questions, applying the techniques to help you pass from my experience and insights. Best of luck with your ACCA FM (F9) exam and I hope the tips, insights and expert advice can be the difference in achieving your 50+ pass mark!James :-) 


Section 1: ACCA Financial Management (F9) March/June 2022 Past Paper Scenario 1 Melpash Co

Lecture 1 Scenario 1 (Melpash Co) - Question Analysis

Lecture 2 Scenario 1 (Melpash Co) - Answer Analysis

Section 2: ACCA Financial Management (F9) March/June 2022 Past Paper Scenario 2 Tanza Co

Lecture 3 Scenario 2 (Tanza Co) - Question Analysis

Lecture 4 Scenario 2 (Tanza Co) - Answer Analysis

Section 3: ACCA Financial Management (F9) - September/December 2022 Mark Scheme

Lecture 5 Scenarios 1 & 2 (Melpash & Tanza Co) - Mark Scheme Analysed and Tips

ACCA students who are studying for their ACCA Financial Management (FM/F9) exam