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Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course - Energy Healing

Posted By: ELK1nG
Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course - Energy Healing

Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course - Energy Healing
Last updated 12/2022
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Expand Your Healing Crystal Knowledge and Level Up Your Abilities | Accredited Certificate Course

What you'll learn

Obtain an accredited Advanced Crystal Healer Certificate

Which crystals and grids heal all your Physical Body Systems

Use crystals and grids for Grounding, Manifesting, Space Clearing and more

Which crystals and grids aid common Emotional Body System energies

The best crystals and grids to use for the Spiritual Body System energies

Melissa's Advanced Crystal Healing steps

The intricacies and complexities of crystals

Greater detail about crystal healing colour, intensity, shape and inclusions

Recap of the 7 Main body Chakra and Higher Chakra crystals

A deeper understanding of how our mind, body and souls all work in unison


Qualification Prerequisite: You must hold an existing basic Crystal Healer/Crystal Healing certification

Have a thorough understanding basic Crystal Healing (including cleansing)

Have at least moderate knowledge of energy healing

Have a thorough understanding of the 7 Main Chakras

Have access to the internet

Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online

Be able to download and view PDF files

Be able to download and listen to MP3 files


=  A FEW OF MELISSA'S TESTIMONIALS =I love Melissa and this class! - JulianaGreat content, and her energy is amazing, almost like she is channeling a light being while emoting loving energy! - RickOnce again… amazing… as all Melissa's courses. loved it - InesMelissa explains things in an easy and engaging manner. I have taken several of her classes and have loved every one of them! Thank you, Melissa! - Lori====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======We’ll be soaring over quite a lot of information, including the intricacies of healing crystals, including: healing colour, intensity, shapes, and meaningful inclusions in this journey together! This 'advanced' course doesn't go into great detail about basic crystal healing or Chakra knowledge. But we'll go deep into the best crystals (and grid formations) for the most common issues within the 11 Bodily Systems, the states of the Emotional Body, as well as the Spiritual Body. We'll also explore the world of crystals and Manifesting, Karma, Space Clearing, and more!To get the most out of this course, students must have (at least) moderate knowledge of energy healing and Crystal healing.  As such, you are expected to easily understand the terms used when referencing energy healing, Crystals healing, the 7 main Chakras, cleansing crystals, and so on.For those ready to raise their vibrations up to the next level, you'll be excited to know that by the end of our journey together you will have a deeper knowledge of – and more abilities to – achieve your goals physically, emotionally, and spiritually!====== WHAT'S INCLUDED ======The PDF version of Melissa's Advanced Crystal Healing book (PDF)11 x Body System Grids w/Stone placement examples (PDF)And additional 11 x Grids w/Stone placement examples (PDF)Once enrolled, you'll need to download my book Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques (PDF). The book has all the details and steps you'll need, and makes a great reference point during and after the course!As you progress, you'll recap with me the intricacies and complexities of healing crystal colours, intensity, shapes, and meaningful inclusions. From there, we'll explore the 11 Body System crystals, then go over the best crystals for improving our Emotional Bodies, then discover the crystals which work best with our Spiritual Bodies. We'll even touch on supplementary systems including abundance and Space Clearing crystals!Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, if you choose to, you'll be able to take my Advanced Crystal Healing Final Exam.  Upon successful completion, you'll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF)!The additional benefits of this course include a deeper understanding of how our mind, body and soul work in unison, the ability to select and use body-system specific stones for energy healing, as well as enhancing your special ethereal gifts! Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you'll have lifetime access to it! I hope you enjoy this exciting new journey sweet friend! #biglove


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course!

Lecture 2 Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa

Lecture 3 Download your course handbook (PDF)

Section 2: Chapter 1. Energy healing fundamentals

Lecture 4 Recapping the fundamentals intro

Lecture 5 Cleansing reminder

Lecture 6 Intentions and activating refresher

Lecture 7 Placement notes

Lecture 8 Intro to my healing steps

Lecture 9 - My healing steps

Lecture 10 - My disconnection & protection steps

Lecture 11 Chakra-crystal correlations refresher intro

Lecture 12 - My Chakra-crystal correlations chart

Section 3: Chapter 2. Colour intricacies

Lecture 13 Introduction to colour intricacies

Lecture 14 Common crystal colour meanings

Lecture 15 Intensity (depth) of colour

Lecture 16 Bi-coloured stones

Lecture 17 Noticing colour changes

Section 4: Chapter 3. Clarity & inclusion details

Lecture 18 Introducing crystal clarity and inclusions

Lecture 19 Stone clarity (clearness)

Lecture 20 'Milky' stones (cloudiness)

Lecture 21 - Noticing positive changes

Lecture 22 Introducing meaningful inclusions

Lecture 23 - Inclusions: angel/angel wings, bubbles, and bursts

Lecture 24 - Inclusions: hearts and coal

Lecture 25 - Inclusions: cracks

Lecture 26 Making your inclusion meaningful

Section 5: Chapter 4. Shape particulars

Lecture 27 Crystal shape intro and facet clarification

Lecture 28 Natural versus worked crystal shapes

Lecture 29 Introducing clusters

Lecture 30 - Clusters: Abundance shape

Lecture 31 - Clusters: Barnacle (with Old Soul) shape

Lecture 32 - Shape: Heart and Cube (square)

Lecture 33 - Shape: Drusy (or druzy, or druse)

Lecture 34 - Shape: Egg-shape and tumbled (rounded)

Lecture 35 - Shape: Raw and geodes (hollow and solid)

Lecture 36 - Shape: Pyramid and twin (soul mate)

Lecture 37 - Shape: Terminated (points) - Single and double

Lecture 38 - Shape: Terminated (points) - Generator and transmitter

Lecture 39 - Shape: Terminated (points) - Wand and tabular

Section 6: Chapter 5, pt 1. Physical body intro & Integumentary system crystals

Lecture 40 Working with crystals and your body systems

Lecture 41 Integumentary system intro

Lecture 42 - Integumentary system crystal chart

Lecture 43 - Integumentary system grid

Lecture 44 - Integumentary system grid steps

Section 7: Chapter 5, pt 2. Skeletal system crystals

Lecture 45 Skeletal system intro

Lecture 46 - Skeletal system crystal chart

Lecture 47 - Skeletal system grid

Lecture 48 - Skeletal system grid steps

Section 8: Chapter 5, pt 3. Muscular system crystals

Lecture 49 Muscular system intro

Lecture 50 - Muscular system crystal chart

Lecture 51 - Muscular system grid

Lecture 52 - Muscular system grid steps

Section 9: Chapter 5, pt 4. Nervous system crystals

Lecture 53 Nervous system intro

Lecture 54 - Nervous system crystal chart

Lecture 55 - Nervous system grid

Lecture 56 - Nervous system grid steps

Section 10: Chapter 5, pt 5. Endocrine system crystals

Lecture 57 Endocrine system intro

Lecture 58 - Endocrine system crystal chart

Lecture 59 - Endocrine system grid

Lecture 60 - Endocrine system grid steps

Section 11: Chapter 5, pt 6. Cardiovascular system crystals

Lecture 61 Cardiovascular system intro

Lecture 62 - Cardiovascular system crystal chart

Lecture 63 - Cardiovascular system grid

Lecture 64 - Cardiovascular system grid steps

Lecture 65 - Cardiovascular system 'on body' grid steps

Lecture 66 - Example: Cardiovascular 'on body' grid formation

Section 12: Chapter 5, pt 7. Lymphatic system crystals

Lecture 67 Lymphatic system intro

Lecture 68 - Lymphatic system crystal chart

Lecture 69 - Lymphatic system grid

Lecture 70 - Lymphatic system grid steps

Lecture 71 - Lymphatic system 'on body' grid steps

Lecture 72 - Example: Lymphatic 'on body' grid formation

Section 13: Chapter 5, pt 8. Respiratory system crystals

Lecture 73 Respiratory system intro

Lecture 74 - Respiratory system crystal chart

Lecture 75 - Respiratory system grid

Lecture 76 - Respiratory system grid steps

Section 14: Chapter 5, pt 9. Digestive system crystals

Lecture 77 Digestive system intro

Lecture 78 - Digestive system crystal chart

Lecture 79 - Digestive system grid

Lecture 80 - Digestive system grid steps

Section 15: Chapter 5, pt 10. Renal system crystals

Lecture 81 Renal system intro

Lecture 82 - Renal system crystal chart

Lecture 83 - Renal system grid

Lecture 84 - Renal system grid steps

Section 16: Chapter 5, pt 11. Reproductive system crystals

Lecture 85 Reproductive system intro

Lecture 86 - Reproductive system crystal chart

Lecture 87 - Reproductive system grid

Lecture 88 - Reproductive system grid steps

Lecture 89 - Fertility formation on the Seed of Life grid

Lecture 90 - Fertility formation steps

Section 17: Chapter 5, pt 12. Other common issues and crystals

Lecture 91 Other common issues intro

Lecture 92 Crystals for inflammation

Lecture 93 Crystals for headaches

Lecture 94 Crystals for insomnia (can't sleep)

Section 18: Chapter 6. Emotional body and crystals

Lecture 95 Working with your emotional body and crystals

Lecture 96 Anger (dissipating): crystals and grid steps

Lecture 97 Dissipating anger 'on body' grid steps

Lecture 98 - Example: Dissipating anger 'on body' grid formation

Lecture 99 Other NEGATIVE emotions and crystals that help alleviate them

Lecture 100 Compassion (enhancing): crystals and Heart-shape grid

Lecture 101 - Compassion crystal list and Heart-shape grid steps

Lecture 102 Other POSITIVE emotions and crystals that help bolster them

Lecture 103 Relationships (improve): Harmonic connection grid

Lecture 104 - Relationship crystal lists and Harmonic connection grid steps

Lecture 105 - Metatron’s Cube grid

Lecture 106 - Metatron’s Cube grid steps

Section 19: Chapter 7. Spiritual body and crystals

Lecture 107 Evolving your spiritual body with crystals

Lecture 108 Spiritual connector (enhancing): Angel star grid

Lecture 109 - Spiritual connection crystal list and Angel star grid steps

Lecture 110 Past life grid (improving)

Lecture 111 - Past lives and karma crystal lists and grid steps

Lecture 112 Other crystals that help enhance spiritual healing and gifts

Section 20: Chapter 8. Supplementary systems for crystal healing

Lecture 113 More crystal healing systems intro

Lecture 114 Grounding (enhancing): crystals and grid formation

Lecture 115 - Grounding 'on body' grid formation

Lecture 116 - Example: Grounding 'on body' grid formation

Lecture 117 Amplifying and distance healing crystals

Lecture 118 Manifesting (enhancing): Star grid

Lecture 119 - Manifesting crystal list and grid steps

Lecture 120 Abundance (enhancing): Spiral grid

Lecture 121 - Abundance grid steps

Lecture 122 Space clearing crystals and grid formation

Lecture 123 - Example: Space clearing grid formation

Section 21: Chapter 9. FAQs

Lecture 124 Common crystal and grid FAQ

Lecture 125 Being prepared when working with the public

Section 22: Chapter 10. Keep sparkling!

Lecture 126 A thank you from Melissa

Lecture 127 ♥ Bonus Lecture

Crystal Healers,Chakra Healers,Reiki practitioners,Energy Healers,Other natural therapists,Those who want to level up their healing abilities