How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings

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How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings

Eugene E. Vollucci , "How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings"
Wiley; 2 edition (June 3, 2004) | ISBN:0471653438 | 240 pages | PDF | 3,2 Mb

Through his popular seminar program, Eugene Vollucci has shown thousands of experienced real estate investors and novices alike how to take advantage of one of the most rewarding investments you can find–apartment buildings. In this bestselling guide, the Volluccis’ simple, step-by-step program shows you how to become a real estate millionaire just like they did. With material on new IRS rulings, tips on avoiding common pitfalls, and new advice on assuming loans with delinquent clauses, How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings is more comprehensive and complete than ever.

This Second Edition includes all the information that you need to find great real estate deals, understand complicated leases and contracts, exploit all the tax breaks you’re entitled to, protect your assets, and turn a small investment into millions! With the Volluccis’ straightforward, three-step system, you’ll be able to:
Gauge markets so you know when to buy or sell
Read between the lines of property set-up sheets to spot good properties
Use the latest computer software to accurately evaluate properties
Develop a marketing plan to maximize profits when selling
Take advantage of all the recent tax law changes
Put together an asset protection plan that’ll make you judgment-proof

How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings, Second Edition also shows you how to concentrate your assets for higher returns, use consultants so you aren’t left on your own, set up a family living partnership to protect your assets, and much more.