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Api 598 Ii Clauses Ii Valve Inspection & Testing

Posted By: ELK1nG
Api 598 Ii Clauses Ii Valve Inspection & Testing

Api 598 Ii Clauses Ii Valve Inspection & Testing
Last updated 7/2022
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API 598 II Clauses II Valve Inspection & testing

What you'll learn

API 598 II Clauses II Valve Inspection & testing


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In this video session, we are going to discuss about various clauses of API 598. Following things shall be dicussed.Inspection, Examination, and Supplementary ExaminationØInspection at the Valve Manufacturer’s PlantØInspection Outside the Valve Manufacturer’s PlantØInspection NoticeØExtent of InspectionØExaminationØSupplementary ExaminationPressure Tests & Pressure test Procedure:ØTest LocationØTest EquipmentØTests RequiredØHigh-pressure Closure TestØHigh-pressure Pneumatic Shell TestØTest FluidØTest PressuresØTest DurationØTest LeakageComparison between Various international standardsØAPI 598ØASME 16.34ØAPI 6DØISO 5208ØAPI 600ØDIN EN 12266ØMSS SP-61FAQs: Frequently asked QuestionsFollowing questions have been answered in detail in the course:1. What is the difference between API 598 and API 6D?Answer : For low-pressure closure tests, the test medium for API 598 is air or inter gas, whereas the test medium for API 6D is air or nitrogen. Many more differences have been explained in the course.2. What is api598?Answer: API 598 covers the inspection, examination, and testing requirements for resilient-seated, non-metallic-seated, and metal-to-metal-seated gate, glove, plug, ball, check, and butterfly valves.3. What is API standard for valves?Answer: API – American Petroleum Institute is the national trade association that represents all aspects of America's oil and natural gas industry.4. How do you perform a valve test?Answer: The valve seat tests procedure involves placing a valve under pressure, then measuring the amount of leakage on the other side of the valve.5. What is the latest edition of API 598?Answer: As on Sep 2022, latest edition is 10th Edition, October 2016. Published Date: October 2016.


Section 1: Content covered in this Session

Lecture 1 Agenda

Section 2: API 598 II Clauses II Valve Inspection & testing

Lecture 2 API 598 II Inspection Clauses

Lecture 3 API 598 II Pressure Test Types

Lecture 4 API 598 II High & Low Pressure tests

Lecture 5 API 598 II Shell and Back Seat tests

Lecture 6 Pressure test Requirements : Comparison II API ASME DIN ISO standards

Section 3: Important Clauses

Lecture 7 Important clauses about Inspection

Section 4: Bonus Section

Lecture 8 Bonus Lecture

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