Avia B-35 & B-135

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Avia B-35 & B-135

Avia B-35 & B-135 By Miroslav Bily, Denes Bernad & Pavel Kucera
Publisher: MBI 2003 | 192 Pages | ISBN: 8086524035 | PDF | 33 MB

A history and development of the most modern Czechoslovak pre-war fighter (finished in 1941). Designed to defend Czechoslovak Republic against Luftwaffe, eventually only Bulgarian pilots used them 'in action' against USAF bombers. Called 'Lasta-Swallow' in Bulgaria, due to its excellent flying characteristics, it was, however, an underpowered aircraft with only two machine guns of small calibre that could not fight the modern US fighters. It ended its days as a training aircraft for the Bulgarian Air Force. Dual Czech/English text.


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