How To Win Your Day: Your Days Define Your Destiny (Daily Habits, Volume 1) (repost)

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How To Win Your Day: Your Days Define Your Destiny (Daily Habits, Volume 1) (repost)

How To Win Your Day: Your Days Define Your Destiny (Daily Habits, Volume 1) by Prashanth Savanur
English | 2015 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B012MZYH54 | 106 pages | EPUB + azw3 | 0,2 + 0,1 MB

Have you always craved success in your life?

Wished for better health?

Success in both personal and professional life?

Do you struggle with getting out of bed?

Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Everyone one of us has felt these things, and strived in one way or another to go after any of them. But why not gain all these in your life? And, how would you go about balancing them all out?

One book can give you all the answers : How To Win Your Day.

Inside the pages of How To Win Your Day,details on how to conquer each day in your life with more peacefully, embrace your victories and challenges with gratitude,use your will power to overcome those challenges and accomplish all of this with the right attitude. How To Win Your Day can help you take actionable steps to living a better, more fulfilling and successful life.

You will also learn:

How to create more peaceful and productive days, simply by establishing a proper sleep pattern;

How to kill the very foes that impede you from your success with sheer will power;

How changing your daily habits can improve your health and your life.

How our Attitude plays a very important role in our journey towards success.

How discipline can bring freedom in our life.

The most important thing how our Family plays an important role in our professional success.

By learning how to manage all the activities, we will indirectly learn time management. And by managing our time we can give the extra time to the one we love

And finally what are the problems author faced, while implementing the things told in the book and how he overcame those problems.

Along with well thought out advice, tried and true techniques, keen insight into what makes up a day in our lives, as well as dozens of positive affirmations, How To Win Your Day touches all the areas of our life helping to maintain balance in every area of our life.

It also includes a FREE Guided Meditation which helps you to have right connection between your body and mind.

How To Win Your Day aspires to guide you through trials and tribulations, help see you to your personal best self and get you to the next level of achievement. But, you must be willing to learn these ways and steps, in order to gain the strength you need to claim your success. And, this inspiring book can and will show you how.

How To Win Your Day is an answer to your many problems, a guide to your success and a blueprint for a life well lived.

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