Sex Worker-Escort Job Guide

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Sex Worker-Escort Job Guide

Sex Worker-Escort Job Guide by Tony Kelbrat
English | August 13, 2015 | ASIN: B013W32DCE | 1712 pages | AZW3 | 1.52 MB

This is a practical guide on either how to get a job or start a business in the various sex-love-dating-wedding industries, both g-rated and x-rated.

The 59 volumes of this book about jobs and business ideas for the sex-love-erotica fields are as follows:

Volume 1. Sex Worker-Escort Guide
Volume 2. Sex Industry Job-Business Guide
Volume 3. Porn Star-Webcam Model Guide
Volume 4. Dating Website Business Guide
Volume 5. The Niche-Specialized Dating Websites
Volume 6. General Marriage Counseling & Therapy
Volume 7. Sex Therapy-Workshop-Seminar Guide
Volume 8. Study Sex and Get a Job as a Sex Therapist, Educator, etc.
Volume 9. Other Jobs in the Sex-Love Business
Volume 10. The Dominatrix/ Femdom Scene for Hire & Fun
Volume 11. Create Video/ Make Video/ Watch Video
Volume 12. Pro-Sex Business Activists
Volume 13. Anti-Porn, Anti-Sex Work Activists
Volume 14. The Art of Exotic-Erotic Dance/ The Art of Striptease
Volume 15. The Stripjoint Business/ Working as a Stripper
Volume 16. A Straight List of Over 5500 Stripjoints/ Gentlemen Clubs Worldwide in Alphabetical Order, many with Websites
Volume 17. United States Stripjoints/ Gentlemen’s Clubs
Volume 18. Stripjoints/ Gentlemen Clubs around the World
Volume 19. Wedding Guide
Volume 20. Sex-Adult Dating Guide: World’s Biggest Lists of Friends with Benefits Websites
Volume 21. Nightlife, Festival, Concert and Event Guide
Volume 22. World Sex Guide, not Redlight
Volume 23. World Porn Guide
Volume 24. British Love and Sex Guide
Volume 25. United Kingdom Redlight Guide
Volume 26. British BDSM Guide
Volume 27. Irish Love-Sex Guide
Volume 28. British-Irish Gay Guide
Volume 29. Canadian Love Info
Volume 30. Canada Sex Guide
Volume 31. Canada Redlight-Escort Guide
Volume 32. Canada Gay Guide
Volume 33. Australia Love-Sex Guide
Volume 34. Australia-New Zealand-Pacific Islands Gay Guide
Volume 35. New Zealand Love-Sex Guide
Volume 36. South Africa Love-Sex Guide
Volume 37. Redlight Guide
Volume 38. General World Redlight Guide
Volume 39. Escort Website Guide
Volume 40. Buying and Selling Live Sexual Arousal Online or on the Phone
Volume 41. United States Redlight-Sex Guide
Volume 42. Mexico Redlight-Sex Guide
Volume 43. Latin America Sex-Porn Websites by Country from the Defunct Website topsexweb
Volume 44. Caribbean Redlight Guide
Volume 45. Latin America Redlight Guide: Central and South America
Volume 46. Brazil Tourist-Nightlife Guide
Volume 47. Asia Sex Guide
Volume 48. Asia-Middle East Sex-Porn Websites from the Defunct Website
Volume 49. Asia Redlight Guide
Volume 50. Thailand Redlight Guide
Volume 51. Thailand Tourist Guide
Volume 52. Philippines Travel-Expat Guide, includes Nightlife
Volume 53. Europe Sex-Porn Websites from the Defunct Website
Volume 54. Europe Redlight Guide
Volume 55. Netherlands Travel Guide, includes Nightlife
Volume 56. Germany Redlight Guide
Volume 57. Africa Redlight Guide, not South Africa
Volume 58. Middle East Redlight Guide
Volume 59. Female Sex Romance Tourism

There are many jobs beyond escort and stripper.

It’s very easy to webcam model from home.

Personally, I think the porn website industry is way over-saturated seeing that anyone can download all the free porn they want from xhamster.

Some niche websites as with the fetishes make money.

There are many sex store websites, at least one in every country.

Some dating websites make money. There are about six main ones and loads of niche dating websites like for smokers, pet lovers, blue collar workers, etc.

Sex, love and marriage therapy is big. I think it’s a bunch of crap but some couples need to pay a third party just so that they will sit in the same room and talk.

Baby surrogates get artificially inseminated or have sex with the sperm donor then carry the baby for a fee.

Sex surrogates are big in Europe, a glorified escort, someone who has gentle sex …