Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement

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Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement

Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement by Rohit Khurana
English | 9 July 2018 | ASIN: B01HI93MGY | 553 Pages | PDF | 13.76 MB

The book Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement has been written for the students of BE/BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Electronic Instrumentation Engineering. It explains the performance, operation and applications of the most important electronic measuring instruments, techniques and instrumentation methods that include both analog and digital instruments. The book covers a wide range of topics that deal with the basic measurement theory, measurement techniques, such as analog meter movements, digital instruments, power and energy measurement meters, AC and DC bridges, magnetic measurements, cathode ray oscilloscope, display devices and recorders, and transducers. It also explains generation and analysis of signals along with DC and AC potentiometers, and transformers.

Key Features:
• Complete coverage of the subject as per the syllabi of most universities
• Relevant illustrations provide graphical representation for in-depth knowledge
• A large number of mathematical examples for maximum clarity of concepts
• Chapter objectives at the beginning of each chapter for its overview
• Chapter-end summary and exercises for quick review and to test your knowledge
• A comprehensive index in alphabetical form for quick access to finer topics