ANCIENT EATS: Volume 1 - The Greeks & The Vikings

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ANCIENT EATS: Volume 1 - The Greeks & The Vikings

Michael S. Fenster MD, "ANCIENT EATS: Volume 1 - The Greeks & The Vikings"
ASIN: B01LYLVS7L | 2016 | EPUB | 316 pages | 632.57 KB

The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Mayans, the Vikings and others; what made them great? How did they do it? No individual, certainly no civilization, can ascend to the rarefied air of art, philosophy, science, engineering and combat that withstand the test of time without the proper fuel. Dr. Mike, physician, chef and America’s foremost culinary interventionalist takes you on a journey through time to learn the secrets entombed in the cuisines of the world greatest civilizations. Secrets to rescue you from the disabilities and diseases of modern civilization brought about by The Modern Western Diet

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